A registered charity, CHICKS was founded in 1992 to provide free holidays for disadvantaged children who would not otherwise have a holiday.

In their normal lives the children have little opportunity to act as children and enjoy their youth and none have the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of a holiday. The CHICKS holidays allow the children to enjoy life again; to laugh, play and have the freedom to express themselves in a stress free and friendly environment.

The week-long breaks provide these children with a loving and caring environment, allowing them to enjoy outdoor games and activities as well as heritage based items for maybe the only time in the year. The ethos behind the holidays is to provide the children with as much care and attention as possible and this is ensured by a very high staff to child ratio of 1:2.

The first holidays in 1992 provided free breaks for 25 children. Last year CHICKS welcomed 637 children.

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Fruitstock and CHICKS

At our first ever Fruitstock almost £5,000 was raised, and last year this increased to over £10,000. This money was used to kit out a new playbarn and fund two holiday camps. CHICKS will once again be raising money through donations at this year's event so please raid your piggy banks and bring along all the loose change. Thanks for helping out.