Our Friends

What we do best is making smoothies, so when it came to putting on a festival we needed a helping hand from some of our friends.

Thanks to them you can sip champagne in the Champagne G.H.Mumm Bar, read one of the classics in the Penguin library or just sit back in the sunshine with the weekend papers.

Here's a list of all the people who are helping us make this Fruitstock better than ever before:

Royal Parks

Without the Royal Parks, we'd have to stage Fruitstock in our back garden. So we massively appreciate their help in helping us to stage our free festival in such amazing surroundings. More about the Royal Parks here: www.royalparks.gov.uk

Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn are pretty new here, but they've been around in Sweden since 1961. They're a family company who make lovely baby-carriers which you can try out for the day if you want to leave your buggy in our buggy park. Find out more: www.babybjorn.com


We're great fans of fresh food and Bigham's have found some crafty ways to help you cook fresh food as conveniently as possible by doing all of the boring picking, cleaning and chopping for you. Have a look at some of their tasty meals: www.bighams.com

Burt's Crisps

Wonderful hand-fried crisps made using the finest ingredients - they might just be the best crisps you'll ever eat. www.burtschips.com


Carluccio's have been bringing the most delicious Italian food to London since 1991. They're going to be making lovely picnic hampers for Fruitstock which you can order in advance here. Hampers can be picked up on the day from the Carluccio's stand on site. www.carluccios.com

Cath Kidston

Grass can be a bit prickly so don't come without a blanket. And don't nick the one that the dog uses. That's bad. Instead, treat yourself to something fresh, like the ones that Cath Kidston makes. www.cathkidston.com

Champagne G.H.Mumm

Fruitstock has something for everyone, including posh people. Mumm will be on hand to raise the tone with our favourite champagne in the world. Yumm. www.mumm.com

Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre will be coming back to run a special arts and crafts area for kids again. And this year they're bringing along their new play houses and paddling pools. www.elc.co.uk


Ecover make stuff for cleaning your house and clothes and doing the dishes. The main difference between them and other companies is that their products are designed to be as good as possible for the environment, so we're really big fans of theirs. www.ecover.com

Friends Of the Earth

Friends Of the Earth is an environmental campaign group dedicated to looking after our planet and using its resources sensibly and fairly. Come and visit their tent on the festival site if you want to find out what you can do to help. www.foe.co.uk

Green & Black's

Green & Black's make some things we really like - chocolate and ice cream - and what's more they make them completely organically, which makes us like them even more. www.greenandblacks.com


Greenpeace is an independent world-wide charity taking action against global environmental problems and their causes. Come and find out more about Greenpeace or environmental issues at their tent on site. www.greenpeace.org.uk


Honda make some really clever cars which are powered by batteries as well as normal engines, which is much better for the environment and quieter, too. They’re running a competition where you can design your own car and they will make the winning design. Click here to download your entry form. www.honda.co.uk


We have a special place in our hearts and stomachs for sweet sweet Honeybuns cakes. Baked down in Somerset, they are all organic, gluten free and spot on with a cup of tea. Or some beer. Or just by themselves. www.honeybuns.co.uk

Hummus Bros

The Hummus Bros make gorgeous natural hummus and find mouth-watering ways to serve it. In fact, we think it's fair to say that we'd never in our wildest dreams have thought up some of their clever combinations, but that's probably why we make smoothies and they make hummus. www.hbros.co.uk

Krispy Kreme

They're a bit naughty but we can't resist them. If you haven't had one, you need to try one - come along and taste one of their 15 different varieties. www.krispykreme.co.uk


Kumala come from South Africa, where they produce a lovely range of wines. They'll be getting lots of people to try out their wines this year. www.kumala.com

Little Dish

Little Dish make fresh, healthy kids' food using 100% natural ingredients. We're rather big fans of theirs for obvious reasons. www.littledish.co.uk


Special thanks go to our friends at Metcheck who kept an eye on the weather for us - you can see their forecast for fruitstock here.


Ocado take the hassle out of shopping - the carrying-heavy-bags-home bit, anyway – by delivering your food straight to your door. We like Ocado, and it was great to have them over last year, so they're back again. www.ocado.com .

O'Connors Campers

O'Connors hire out classic VW camper vans from their base in Devon for all those people who love camping but don't want to compromise in the style stakes. www.oconnorscampers.co.uk


What could be nicer than sitting back in the sunshine with a picnic and a good book? Our friends at Penguin will be coming along and bringing loads of fantastic books with them too. Come and find them in their special reading area. www.penguin.co.uk


Our friends from Pimm's will be coming along in their big red bus and bringing lashings of everyone's favourite summer drink along with them too. www.anyoneforpimms.com

Plum Baby

Plum baby make fresh & natural baby food which we'll be serving up in our kids' cafe. It's completely organic and packed with superfoods to give little ones a great start in life. www.graigfarm.co.uk/babyfoodplum.htm

Puro Coffee

Puro Coffee make delicious Fairtrade coffee, and every time they sell a kilo of it they spend some of the money on buying a bit of South American rainforest to take care of. It all adds up over time, and so far they've purchased over 200 acres of Ecuadorian rainforests. Good on them, we say. www.puro.co.uk

The Times and The Sunday Times

We don't need to say much about these venerable British institutions. www.timesonline.co.uk


They're back again to run yoga classes for the masses. Get practising your side crows. www.triyoga.co.uk


WellChild are our chosen charity for this year's Fruitstock. They are dedicated to researching childhood illnesses and improving care for sick children and their families. Find out more here.